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The mPhase interferometer was designed by Fisba Optik.  It is a laser unequal path interferometer (LUPI); more specifically a Twyman-Green interferometer.  This compact, phase-shifting interferometer excels at a variety of optical measurement tasks, not well addressed by traditional and much larger Fizeau interferometers.  The modular design enables efficient configurations at 10 and 50 mm apertures with a wide assortment of spherical objectives. For typical LUPI set-ups, the mPhase interferometer is smaller than 4D Technology's PhaseCam 6000 and offers a more cost effective approach for moderate environmental challenges, without sacrificing lateral resolution.

mPhase XL

The mPhase XL is a compact phase-shifting Twyman-Green interferometer available at a variety of  operating wavelengths.  Primarily applied to transmitted wavefront testing, we also offer other metrology solutions including interferometric as well as Shack-Hartmann type wavefront systems.


The TS1 is a compact, vertical test stand used for measurement of small spherical and aspherical optical components with radii of curvature typically in the range of 0.5 to 25 mm.  The in-line length gauge delivers micron level accuracy.  The TS1 test stand is readily adapted to transmitted wavefront testing of infinity corrected assemblies such as microscope objectives and mobile phone cameras.  For customers of Fisba Optik's obsolete FST10 stands, the TS1 provides an economical upgrade path by utilizing the existing Heidenhain MT-60K length gauge and digital readout unit.


The TS5 is a larger more versatile vertical test stand supporting your choice of 10 or 50 mm optical accessories.  Like the TS1, it is a compact yet rigid instrument that can often be deployed in most manufacturing and laboratory settings with the hassle and expense of a vibration isolation table.  Featuring the Heidenhain MT-100K length gauge, the TS5 is available with a motorized Z actuator for fast excursions, combined with a manual fine pitch Z adjustment for precise interferometric fringe adjustment.


Metrology Concepts offers the standard mPhase or custom mPhase XL interferometer with a choice of three (X,Y,Z) or five (X,Y,Z, theta, phi) degrees of freedom.  Interchangeable objectives makes this a versatile instrument for aligning and qualifying a variety of infinity corrected optical systems.

Infrared Interferometers

Optimize and verify wavefront quality of your infrared optical assemblies and material at 850 nm, 1550 nm, or 3.39 microns.

Custom Interferometers

Are standard interferometers not meeting your need? Consider a custom interferometer from Metrology Concepts for your special optical components or assembled lens testing needs. Twyman-Green, Fizeau, and other design forms are available.

Interferometer Software

Fisba Optik interferometer software is powerful yet easy to use. Convenient measurement templates and report generation makes this an exceptional value as an upgrade to your existing Fizeau or Twyman-Green interferometer.