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Achieve Wavefront Accuracy With Diodes & Measurement Tools

Wavefront Sensors

SHSLab combines large dynamic range with exceptional wavefront accuracy. Capture local wavefront radius of curvature as low as 10 mm (100 Diopters). We have several models with active apertures of 3.5 to 24 mm and spectral ranges from UV, visible-NIR, and infrared.

Metrology Module

The RL module consists of a light source, beam shaping optics, and Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor packaged to easily enable double-pass afocal, infinite, and finite conjugate measurement setups. Interchangeability of light sources and choice of Shack-Hartmann sensors allow flexibility in meeting changing test requirements or convenience for integrating an inline metrology station.

Shack-Hartmann Instruments

These measurement solutions utilize high performance wavefront sensor technology. Flexibility of light sources including laser diodes and LEDs, 1Hz to 50 Hz measurement speed, and choice of measurement metrics (wavefront, Seidel, Zernike, and MTF) makes this a powerful tool for optimizing and qualifying assembled lenses.

Ophthalmic Lens Tester

Measure contact (Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), scleral, and soft) and IOL in less than a second. Harness the powerful integration of wavefront measurement with optional dimensional measurement.

Contact Lens Audit Station

omniSpect allows contact lens manufacturers to replace up to seven discrete measurement instruments and fully characterize lenses in less than a minute. Get a complete digital record of refractive data, geometric parameters, and cosmetic evaluation guided by simple graphic user interface tailored to your process line. Revolution of contact lens metrology and advanced soft contact inspection articles provide details.


autoROC is used to measure semi-finished contact lenses, molds, metal tools, and finished surfaces including spheric, toric, and aspheric. It provides radius of curvature, toricity, and surface shape with optional surface inspection.

Workshop Interferometer

Modular instrument stands support 10 mm or 50 mm aperture optics. Integrated length gauge combines accuracy and convenience for measurement of radius of curvature.

Infrared Interferometers

Optimize and verify wavefront quality of your infrared optical assemblies and material at 850 nm, 1550 nm, 3.39 micron or eight to 12 microns. The INTERFIRE II family of infrared interferometers are available with static fringe and phase-shifting analysis.

Custom Interferometers

Are standard interferometers not meeting your need? Consider a custom interferometer from Metrology Concepts for your special optical components or assembled lens testing needs. Twyman-Green, Fizeau, and other design forms are available.

Interferometer Software

Fisba Optik interferometer software is powerful yet easy to use. Convenient measurement templates and report generation makes this an exceptional value as an upgrade to your existing Fizeau or Twyman-Green interferometer.