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High-Quality Applications for Precise Measurements

Measuring Binocular Quality

This application note describes measurement results of two commercially available 8X/32 sport optics. After measuring with a 530 nanometer (green) light RL (Return Loss) module, we report the transmitted wavefront error and achieved Strehl ratio.

Assembled Lens Testing

This application presents advantages of Optocraft's Shack-Hartmann technology in optimizing and measuring assembled lenses. Featuring a choice of several operating wavelengths within a single instrument, the 2X Pass offers wavelength agility unmatched by interferometers and autocollimator products. Fast measurement speed of 1 to 50 Hz and a large dynamic range of more than 100 waves enables rapid convergence of lens optimization using Modular Transfer Function (MTF), Zernike bar plots, and Seidel aberration polar plots through 360-degree rotation and off-axis measurement up to 50 degrees.

Camera Lens Testing

This application describes measurement of a 50 mm focal length camera lens at various lens speeds. An example of an infinity corrected configuration, wavefront, MTF, and Strehl ratios are reported at several apertures ranging from f/1.8 to f/4. Standard wavefront sensors are available for the UV visible-NIR, and infrared spectrum.

Qualifying Optical Tooling

Single-point diamond turning is heavily utilized when manufacturing contact and intraocular lenses (IOL) either directly or in the successive processes of producing tools, molds, and lenses. This application note describes the autoROC motorized instrument for measurement of spherical, toric, and aspheric surfaces.

Laser Beam Characterization

This is a comparison laser diode analysis between conventional camera-based method (ISO 11146) and an Optocraft SHSLab Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor. This application note describes the beam parameter calculations for beam diameter and M-squared beam propagation factor.

Measuring Optical Vortex Beams

Optical vortex beams are light waves with an orbital angular momentum (OAM). This application notes describes the measurement of several spiral phase plates with topographical charge of one, two, and three respectively. Standard wavefront sensors are available for the UV, visible-NIR and infrared spectrum.